Dato’ Fadzli Shah

General Partner

Dato’ Fadzli Shah is a serial entrepreneur with two successful venture exits in Europe, he is an active proponent for localization & adaptations of successful business models into a Malaysian/Asian context. He is a Chartered Statistician & a graduate of University College London, Harvard University & London Business School.

He is a regular of the startup scene, be it at as a fellow entrepreneur at the grassroots or lobbying policies in the boardrooms of government agencies. As the current President of the Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM),  he drives its ambitions to expand the talent pool in technology, increase corporate participation & facilitate larger stakeholders to keep abreast of the pulse of the entrepreneurial community.

James Jerry Huang, LLB CFA

General Partner

James Huang is an International Tax Lawyer and Business Operator with vast experience in the Agriculture and Energy sectors.

He serves as CFO of Indonesia Energy, the fastest growing on-shore independent power producer in Indonesia and also Founder of AsiaBeef, South East Asia’s first free range-feedlot hybrid cattle farm.

Raised and educated in Brazil with Taiwanese heritage, James draws the best of both worlds to strike localisation and industrial scale.

As a trained lawyer and chartered financial analyst, he is meticulous about expansions across borders and financial sustainability.